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Natural Origin Top Coat

Natural Origin Top Coat
Natural Origin Top Coat
Natural Origin Top Coat

8 ml/0.27 US FL OZ

Transparent top coat with the effect of a hybrid manicure and a formula that includes 83% ingredients of natural origin. Enhances the colour and gloss of the nail polish and prolongs its durability by several days. Prevents chipping off and protects against mechanical damage. Easy to apply can be used on slightly wet layer of Natural Origin Nail Polish. A flat, flexible brush with a slightly rounded tip ensures easy, smooth and smudgeless application.
To achieve the best results, use with Natural Origin Base Coat and Natural Origin Nail Polish.

Special Ingredients:
- ethyl and butyl acetate produced from sugar beet and sugar cane
- a natural plasticizer ensures flexibility and water resistance; base raw materials for the production of plasticizers are: corn, grain, sugar beet
- nitrocellulose extracted from cotton and bio-ethanol

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